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Georgette Nkwo

I am a progress catalyst with a passion for helping people regain balance in their busy lives.

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Let’s face it, almost all of us suffer from burnout in some shape or form. It might be physical, psychological, emotional, financial, spiritual, or all the above.

With your help, we can map out a system that works just for you.


Coming Back To My Body

Coming back to my body is a journey of self-mastery told through the author’s experiences on how she reconnected with her body, mind, and soul.

She highlights the changes and challenges she faced as someone who moved from a holistic society, Cameroon, to the United States where there is a tremendous difference in food, nutrition, and other non-conventional ways of dealing with health and ailments.

Coming back to my body is a guide to reclaiming our natural state of being through mindfulness, radical acceptance and implementing small changes in our daily routine.

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